4 Ps A marketing term for; Price, Performance, Position, Promotion of a product or service
AP-AR Accounting terms for; Accounts Payable, Cash going out and Accounts Receivable, Cash coming in
App Application; generally a piece of software running to perform a set tasks, such as accounting
B-2-B Business to Business commerce; goods and services from companies, such as a distributer of soft drinks to a retailer
B-2-C Business to Consumer commerce; goods and services from a retailer of soft drinks to individuals
BAFO Best And Final Offer; generally the last correspondence before and contract is enforced
BRU Back up Restore Utility; general an operation to backup computer data to a different system in whole and/or incrementally
CMS Customer Management System; generally an application to bill, fulfill, and contact customers
COGS Cost Of Goods Sold; the final cost of a product, considering material and labor in the effort
CPE Customer Premise Equipment; a piece of equipment owned and operated by the customer with-in his building, a cash register
CRM Customer Relationship Management; generally an application to support, repair, and contact customers
DB Data Base; generally an application to store data about product, customers, commission, billing, orders, deliveries, and staff
EBITDA Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization; the point where investment capital NOT spent
EOL End Of Life; the point where the product has not been manufactured and support can no longer be delivered
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning; an application to run most aspects of a manufacturing or service corporation
Firewall A security term; a device or application to prevent unwanted inquiries into a electronic environment, the front door
IPSEC Internet Protocol Security; a security suite to encrypt and authorize communication between two computer systems
IT Information Technology; a general term to include most operations in a company, billing, payroll, stock, staff, and customers
LAN Local Area Network; a term to describe a cluster of computer system sharing data, generally in close proximity
LLC Legal Limited Corporation; a incorporation strategy to limit personnel liability and allow the selling or inheritance
LLP Legal Limited Partnership; a incorporation strategy to limit the number of individual in control, not inheritable or transferable
MRP Manufacturing Resource Planning; an application to run some aspects of a manufacturing corporation
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer; the point of origin for a manufactured product, such as automobile replacement parts
OSS Operational System Support; an application for the support of systems, monitoring the modules that perform business tasks
PLC Product Life Cycle; a term used in Project management, where there is a beginning, middle, and end
RFP Request for Proposal; a document of notice of a project to be undertaken by a supplier or vendor
RFQ Request For Quotation; a document of notice of a project undertaken seeking the cost to proceed
ROI Return On Investment; generally the point in time after launch where the cost of development is recovered
Router A term; for a device or application to route content across the INTERNET, from one point to another point
SBA Small Business Administration; a branch of the federal government, it guarantees a commercial loan for starting a business
SCM Supply Chain Management; an application to track material to be delivered from raw material to a finished sub-assembly
S-Corp An incorporation strategy; sometime effective for a small business operator
Server A term; generally a computer system set-up to provide a specific application, such as a Data Base or Internet e-mail
SME Small to Medium Enterprise; companies with < $1 Million evaluation and  $500K < Revenue < $5 Million
SOHO Small Office Home Office; single or a few individuals operating a business, such as a real-estate office.
SSL Secure Socket Layer; a security protocol for Browser Based WEB commerce, such as
Switch A term, generally an appliance to isolate SUB LANs in a company, sales, procurement, manufacturing, and development
WAN Wide Area Network; outside the company sometimes called the cloud or Internet
WEB A term used interchangeably with; WWW also known as the World Wide Web
WLAN Wireless LAN; generally a local area network, such as found in most mobile devices in a company
WWW World Wide Web; also known as the WEB

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