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Typical Process...

1) An inquiry is made to BARANDA, by On-Line WEB Form, E-Mail, or Telephone.
2) A courtesy response, to the inquiry, is provided to the requestor.
3) An internal feasibility study is started resulting in a message that may seek additional information or a declination to the request.
4) Mutual acceptance would cause a meeting to be scheduled, to discuss the objective, timing, and budgets.
5) From this meeting action items would be assigned, with commit dates, and future meetings scheduled, as necessary.
6) A few rounds of dialog would clarify the budget, contract, documents, timing, and project deliverables.
7) A contract meeting would be called to close all open items on, budget, contract, timing, and project deliverables.
8) All intellectual property is Baranda Consulting’s until a contract is developed and signed, allowing actual work to begin.
9) Depending on the contract and project, reports would be provided, schedules and documentation would be maintained, and/or additional meetings may be conducted until the work is completed.
What we do?

Respond to your request quickly, and develop an actionable and realistic plan.
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