Market Segments

SBA -- Small Business Administration

• LLP/LLC/S-Corp, Owner-Operator, Professional and Retail companies

• SBA backed commercial loan, generally [Less than $500 K]

• Agent, Dentist, Medical, Insurance, Food, Cleaning, Hauling, Mechanic, Body Shop, Landscaper, Craftsman, Retail, or Child care

SOHO -- Small Office Home Office

• LLP/LLC/S-Corp, Owner-Operator, Service company

• SBA backed commercial loan, generally [Less than $250 K]

• Tax preparer, Background investigation, Real Estate Office, Franchise, Court recorder, or Recruiter

SME -- Small to Medium Enterprise

• LLP/LLC, Owner-Partner, Distribution company

• SBA backed commercial loan, generally [Greater than $1 Mil]

• Contractor supplier, Real Estate developer, Trucking, Light Manufacturing, Automobile Dealership, or Warehousing


Problem / Analysis / Solution

Problem/Issue: Analysis/Services Provided: Solution/Actions:
------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------
Building Supplier Integration Analysis & RFP Router/Switch/Firewall/VPN
Custom File Conversion Architecture & Specification S/W Deployment
Customer Management Analysis & RFP Applications & Deployment
Event Management & Planning Analysis & RFP Data Base & Deployment
Identity & Security Management Analysis & RFP Management/Reporting/Forensics
Management Information Specification & Deployment Business Applications
Medical Group Collaboration Specification & Deployment Computer Systems & Hosting
Network Commerce, Online Orders Analysis & RFP Internet/Extranet/Intranet
Office Automation Specification & Deployment Applications & Deployment
Real Estate Specification & Deployment Sales/Development/Management
Residential Contractor Analysis & RFP PCs/Servers/Appliances & Hosting
Supplier Inventory Management Internet & Extranet E-Commerce Applications
Telecommuter VPN Analysis & RFP IPSec/SSL/Authentication/Intrusion
Test Fixtures Architecture & Specification H/W Deployment

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