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BARANDA Consulting helps with the process of starting, managing, and growing a business by providing guidance, along the way. We help our clients establish realistic goals, expectations, schedules, and follow up on all items identified.

Our MISSION is to establish a robust and thriving small business entrepreneur economy engaging in national commerce.

Companies adopting the Internet as a Business Strategy

BARANDA Consulting provides assistance in developing an Internet strategy for applications, access, collaboration, IT, network topology, marketing, sales, operations, and security for companies adopting the Internet for business.

Our MISSION is to bring the power and productivity of the Internet to every desktop enabling trusted network communication and commerce.

Deployment and Management of Business (B-2-B) and (B-2-C) Applications

BARANDA Consulting provides services in Architecture, Implementation, Management, and Operations to companies adopting state-of-the-art Computer Science and Information Technology practices that enable the use of the Internet as a business, communication, and operational strategy.

Our MISSION is to bring the efficiencies of Computer Science and Information Technology to company operations using the Internet for business, calendaring, collaboration, communication, marketing, sales, and management.

Developers, Manufacturers, and Suppliers of E-Commerce Applications

BARANDA Consulting provides professional marketing services in IT, Commerce Applications, and Security to companies requiring assistance and/or staff augmentation for analysis, distribution strategy, forecasting, marketing, product definition, product launch, product mix, promotion, pricing, and time to market.

Services are tailored to "fit" the needs of the client such as budgeting, development, funding, planning, procedures, processes, research, and scheduling.

Our MISSION is to enable our clients to promote themselves with exceptional and innovative products and services, delivered on time and on budget, to be the "BEST of BREED".


Business Type Description: Problem or Issues: Solution or Actions:
------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------
Automobile Sales/Service Accessories, Commission, Inspections, Inventory, Parts, Repair & Service WEB based IT/B2B system,
CPE Firewall/Switches/Browser
Contractor/Supplier Content & Customer management, Credit, Data Base, Material, & Inventory mix CMS/CRM/SCM/Data Base Access/ IT/OSS/CPE Router/Switches/SSL
Dentist/Health Care Office equipment & supplies, Patient Records & Scheduling, Regulatory Compliance IT OSS, BRU, Disaster recovery, Compliance/Repudiation/LAN Architecture
Distribution/Warehouse Client & Supplier management, Bills of laden, Transportation, Content management WEB based IT/B2B system/CPE Firewall/ CMS/CRM/SCM/Data Base/ B2B system
Manufacturing/Transportation Client & Supplier management, Data Base, Inventory control, Identity & Security needs IT system of ERP/AP-AR/SCM/CRM/ DB/CPE Firewall, IPSEC, SSL security
Professional Services/Real Estate Contact management, CPE router, Network, Applications, MS Office enabled CPE Router/Switches/CMS/CRM/PCs,
with LAN/WLAN capabilities
Retail: Brick & Mortar/Internet General Business, Contact, Inventory, Accounting, Supplier, and Advertising Hosting/ CPE Firewall/Switches/Browser/ AP-AR/SCM/CRM/Access as a DB

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Our role is to assist our clients in their greater success, starting, managing, or growing a business.

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